mechanical equipment

Welcome to MBMEC

Mbmec is a Mechanical Equipment Company that draws on a heritage of 30 years of expertise in providing customized solutions for the industrial environment needs.
Since 2004 his founder Massimiliano Butti studies, develops and produces small and medium-sized machineries and equipment as fast as the customers wish and need.

Mbmec has a huge knowledge of both the material used (i.e stainless steel, tempering materials, aluminum, and plastics noble material) and their treatment.That’s why we are always able to provide an efficient and working solution over the time to our customers.

Mbmec solutions – some examples:

  • Micro-electronic – supply of stainless materials tig welded for chips production
  • Positioners for welding of stainless steel sheets for expansion compensator
  • Lighting Industry – Supply of functional prototype
  • Textile Industry in North America, Asia and Oceania – Supply of mechanical equipment for textile machineries: complete texturizer bodies (FILTECO S751.G1.00) using the Venturi system for the texturizing process of the yarn, aspirator guns standard and high speed, slotted tube Filteco type, Knife sucks thread
  • Flexible packaging industry – Supply of specific mechanical equipment
  • Motorbike industry – supply of unique components for motorbikes that are thought to be the winners of prestigious national awards in partnership with relevant customizers

ince 2009 MBMec has a new and bigger location in Zelo Surrigone (Milan) to better satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations.